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Dr Villanueva gave me my life back. I had been dismissed by other doctors and was passed off to Dr Villanueva because he was the new guy. He didn’t listen to what the other doctors were saying and took my case. He treated me like a person and not like a pill popper. That was six years ago and I am the opposite of when I first started treatment with him. Now Dr Villanueva has his own practice and is among the most respected doctors in California. Me? I’m no longer planning my life around my pain; my pain is controlled and I have my life back.

Erica F.

I have seen Dr Viilanueva for at least 2 years now and he has been the most knowledgeable and understanding doctor that I have ever seen and I went through quite few doctors before I found him. He always put the patient first!

Caren M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Villanueva for several years now and he has helped me tremendously. He gives me the tools I need, on an on-going basis, to relieve my pain which has given me a happier and more productive life. Dr. V. is kind, professional, thorough and smart. The office staff is caring and it's very easy to make an appointment. I'm happy to recommend Dr. Villanueva with the highest star rating possible!

Fred T.

Dr. Villanueva was very helpful in attending to my injury. Once i got on call with him it was very easy and no problems with connection. Thank you Dr. Villanueva

Conrad G.

Dr. Villanueva & staff are super efficient thoughtful & kind. Appointments are on time patient & surgery rooms very clean. Recommend 100%

Barbara B.

I had terrible post-op pain and Dr. Villanueva helped me get back on track. I am allergic to Tylenol and my surgeon really didn't know how to treat me, but Dr. Villanueva immediately knew what meds I could take and put me on a strong NSAID. I had been laid up for 3 weeks, unable to function and after a week on my new program I was back to work and I have a very physical job. Thank you Dr. Villanueva and your wonderful staff for all your help. :)

Laura S.

I have been seeing Dr.V for many years now. He is one of the most kind gentle souls you will find. He cares deeply for his patients. You will not be sorry you went to him for help with your pain!!!!

April L.

My experiences with Dr. Villanueva have always been great ones. He possess a knowledge and compassion that EVERY doctor within this field should aspire to have. He takes his time at every appointment to ensure the patient is well informed regarding a prescription change, contraindications (possible reactions with other meds), and possibly the latest approach to their issue etc. I absolutely have the highest regard for him, and his spirit is what I love most about him - He's is the BEST...and write that down! Positive Regard 100%!!

Rene M.

If your looking for a Physician that actually listens to his patients and actually cares about you as a individual. You can't go wrong with Dr. Villanueva. Ive been a patient for close to three years. There hasnt been one visit where I felt he wasn't there for me. And when you're restoring a body that has or had trama you know how much that means.

Derrick C.

Dr. Villanueva is kind,professional, & compassionate. It is hard to live with constant pain after too many back surgeries. It sucks that I have to fight the legal medical system for pain relief. It is comforting that Dr. V listens & tries his very best to help me. He is appreciated.

Bob K.

Dr. Vilanueva is a very caring professional that has done all things possible to help me manage my pain and get me to the right specialist to help me with my medical issues. Highly recommended!!!

Sean C.

I'm so happy that I have Dr. Villanueva has my doctor. He is kind and patient. He takes the time to sit with you and listens. If you are in pain call his office and make an appointment. you won't be disappointed.

Jacqueline Q.

I have been a patient of Dr. Villanueva for several years now and he has helped me tremendously. He's kind, professional, thorough and smart. The office staff is caring and it's easy to make an appointment. I'm a busy choreographer in Los Angeles with a demanding and often chaotic schedule. A previous neck fusion surgery left me in constant pain and missing a lot of sleep. I worried that maybe the career I loved and worked so hard to create might slip through my fingers. The day I met Dr. Villanueva became the turning point in my journey. He had the knowledge and ability to really help me. He gave me many tools and created a game plan that gave me relief from the pain and put me on the road to success. I'm happy to recommend Dr. Villanueva with the highest star rating possible!

Fred T.

As always, Dr V’s staff was courteous & efficient, the doctor was on time, his demeanor was pleasant & caring, and he handled my trigger point shots with speed, professionalism, and no pain. I highly recommend him.

Kirk F.

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John Villanueva, MD, FAAPMR, is an exceptional physician practicing in Burbank of Southern California, and serves the greater Los Angeles area. Dr. Villanueva is a part of an elite group of physicians serving the greater Los Angeles area who is double board-certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in both his primary specialty and the subspecialty of pain medicine. Dr. Villanueva is a fellow of the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and is recognized by his fellow physicians and surgeons as a trusted expert in interventional pain management and as an outstanding physician.

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